With a legacy rooted in dedication, excellence, and unparalleled customer service, we proudly offer a diverse range of IT solutions in Northern California. From customized computer building and precise networking solutions to comprehensive repair services and advanced data management, we are committed to meeting your unique needs with precision and promptness. Whether you’re a professional seeking seamless tech experiences or a passionate tech enthusiast, explore our range of services designed to enhance, protect, and optimize your digital journey.

Laptop & Computer Repair

We specialize in comprehensive repair services for laptops and computers, addressing both hardware malfunctions and software glitches.

Being seasoned technicians, we leverage extensive experience and cutting-edge techniques to diagnose issues and perform repairs with precision in order to ensure your devices are restored to optimal functionality with minimal downtime.

Printer Repair

Our proficient printer repair services resolve issues ranging from paper jams and connectivity problems to component malfunctions.
We ensure the longevity and consistent performance of your printer, enabling you to focus on your tasks without disruption.

Removal of Viruses & Spyware

We employ advanced tools and techniques to detect and eliminate malicious software, safeguarding your data and enhancing your device’s performance.

Conatc us to fortify your systems against the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

Data Backup

Ensure the security and accessibility of your crucial data with our robust data backup solutions. We customize backup strategies to align with your unique needs, providing peace of mind and seamless access to your information.

With our diligent data backup services, mitigate the risk of data loss and maintain business continuity with confidence.

Data Recovery

Recover lost or inaccessible data with our sophisticated data recovery services. Whether it’s due to accidental deletion, hardware failure, or corrupted files, we employ specialized techniques to retrieve your valuable information.

You can fully rely on us to restore your lost data and maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your digital assets.

Customized Computer Building

We offer customized computer building services, tailored to your specific needs, whether for gaming, work, or any specialized application.
We meticulously assemble computers with premium components, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and user satisfaction.
Experience a seamless fusion of power and functionality with our custom computer solutions.


Optimize your connectivity with our comprehensive networking services. We specialize in designing and implementing robust network solutions, ensuring seamless communication and data transfer within your environment. Whether you need a secure, efficient local area network or advanced wireless solutions, we are your partner in achieving interconnected excellence.

Imaging Hard Drives

Preserve and deploy your essential system configurations with our imaging hard drives service. We create precise images of your drive’s content, enabling quick restoration or deployment to multiple systems, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your operations.

You can trust us for accurate, efficient drive imaging solutions, simplifying your IT management tasks.

Set Up Small TVs and Wi-Fi

Enhance your entertainment and connectivity with our TV and Wi-Fi setup services. Whether it’s configuring small TVs for optimal viewing experiences or establishing robust, secure Wi-Fi networks, we deliver professional setups, ensuring seamless operation and your utmost satisfaction.

Turn to Laguna Computers for your tech setup needs, and enjoy hassle-free, enjoyable digital experiences.